Bio-Decontamination of COVID-19: Prepare Your Business to Return to Work


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Bio-Decontamination of COVID-19: Prepare Your Business to Return to Work

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COVID-19 continues to change lives every day – not only for those that have contracted the virus but for nearly everyone in the world.  The Business climate is changing.  Among all the unknowns are a few things that we can still count on.  This will pass eventually, but not soon enough for most of us.  Businesses and employees will get back to work and many will need to find a way to continue to work through this uncertainty.  The question is: When the time comes, how do people return to work safely

First though, it is important to share that Tradebe is included in the state / federal designation of essential services. This includes our plants, our service centers, our transportation fleet and our central business processing personnel and our Bio-Decontamination field teams.

Tradebe will remain open for business to service and support our clients, in order to help them stay open and service their customers.


Hidden Dangers of COVID-19

Many believe that unless there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 in a business location that the building and work surfaces are “safe”.  This is one of the hidden dangers of the virus.  We have heard in the news continuously that not everyone will get sick and even fewer will experience severe symptoms.  However, many others will be asymptomatic yet still be carriers of the virus without ever knowing it.  Every place they go, every surface they touch can be contaminated with COVID-19.

The CDC has reported that the virus can live on touch surfaces for hours, days and possibly longer depending on various factors including surface type, the amount of contamination, location and other factors.

Based on these reports from the CDC and others, any touch surface could be contaminated – not just where known cases have been confirmed.  To err on the side of caution, all touch surfaces should be considered as possible contamination points until such time as the surfaces have been Bio-Decontaminated.  

Time is of the Essence in Controlling the Spread and Cross-Contamination of Infectious Disease.

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Get Your Business Ready Now for a Return to Work or to Continue Working

Over the last several weeks, our Emergency Response teams have mobilized to assist our clients with Biological Decontamination Services across the country.  Our trained personnel are prepared to not only protect the health and safety of our customer’s offices, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities, and fleet vehicles, but also to ensure that they are able to continue production during these changing times. 

During times of uncertainty, Tradebe USA is committed to helping our customers, protecting people and the environment.  This has always been our commitment, but it has never been more important to us than today, because our customers are important to us.  Our focus right now is to protect our clients so that they can serve the needs of our country.

Business mission statements and values aside, people do business with people.  What defines businesses and people is not how they operate during good times but how they operate when times are challenging. 

Tradebe’s clients trust our team during normal operating cycles to ensure your safety, and compliance: You can rely on us now to provide highly trained, professional personnel to help decontaminate your facility providing peace of mind to your employees and downstream stakeholders.


Our goal is simple: Ensure your problems are solved safely and efficiently so that you can focus on your team’s well-being while reducing the disruption and downtime of your operations.



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