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From Waste to Energy

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In the Port of Barcelona we operate a co-generation engine that uses the fuel recovered from the MARPOL I waste from ships as an energy source.

The engine transforms the mechanical energy into electricity. The power generated (4kw) is partly used in our own precessing facility and the surplus is sold to the grid.

The hot gases produced by the engine are then used to generate steam to heat the tanks and pipelines. 
Finally, the hot water from the cooling system, is used to heat the tanks of a neighbour storage 

All the above allow us to accomplish an Energy efficiency ratio of 58% and close the waste to energy cycle.


We have a cogeneration engine that uses  fuel recovered from the MARPOL I waste from ships as a power source.

The engine in turn  powers a generator which produces electricity, which is then transferred by Tradebe to the network for both internal consumption  and commercialisation.

In addition to electricity, this engine also generates high-temperature combustion flows (300ºC) which are used to heat water and produce steam.

This is then reused as a heat source in the plant’s recycling processes. We obtain water at around 96ºC from the engine’s refrigeration circuit, which we supply to a nearby terminal to heat the products stored in its facilities.