Hydrocarbons Recycling

Our treatment and recycling facilities can precess more than 100.000 tonnes per year ( Annex I,II,IV,V-VI).

We have a number of  treatment lines for hydrocarbon waste operating on a continuous basis. 
The hydrocarbon recycling process allows us to obtain a high specifi cation product suitable for its use as a clean fuel (enhanced fuel oil).

With a treatment  capacity of 80,000 tonnes a year we operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We have a number of treatment lines for hydrocarbon waste that work on a continuous basis. 

The treatment process for hydrocarbon (HC) waste allows us to obtain a product suitable for use as a power source (enhanced fuel oil). 


QUALITY GUARANTEE: The end product complies with all quality standards demanded* by the competent authorities.

*ROYAL DECREE 61/2006 of 31st January, which establishes the specifi cations for petrol, diesel, fuel oil and liquid gas from oil and regulates the use of certain biofuels