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The MARPOL agreement, along with other community regulations, requires ports to have infrastructures to ensure the proper management of the waste generated by sea transport. This is what we do at Tradebe. Through a separation system we obtain a high-quality fuel at our recovery sites, destined for the energy and industrial sectors. 

From the oily waters generated by ships to the bottoms of storage tanks, the industry generates a large amount of waste. At Tradebe, we make the best possible use of our waste. This is what we do at our hydrocarbon recovery plant. But what exactly is recovery? The aim is to obtain new resources from the waste generated by industrial and port activities. At our sites, fuel is separated from waste water by means of a physical-chemical process. This is how we obtain quality fuel for industrial processes. This way, besides obtaining a new product, we reduce the volume of waste.

Our plant at Barcelona Port, has the capacity of 80,000 tonnes a year and operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We have a number of treatment lines for hydrocarbon waste that work on a continuous basis. The treatment process for hydrocarbon (HC) waste allows us to obtain a product suitable for use as a power source (enhanced fuel oil).

QUALITY GUARANTEE | The end product complies with all quality standards demanded* by the competent authorities.