Barcelona Port

Tradebe Port de Barcelona (Ecoimsa) is located on the Energy Wharf of the Port of Barcelona. We have been providing management and treatment services for port and industrial waste since 1992. We valorise industrial waste such as hydrocarbons for use as power source and other industrial waste for use in a variety of activities. 

We also valorise waste from ships (MARPOL services), from which we obtain a product for subsequent use as a power source and/or energy valorisation. During the valorisation process we obtain thermal and electrical power.

Our clients are our raison for being, so we are committed to the continuous improvement of our processes to provide a high-quality product and service and to minimise environmental impact.

This has been our guarantee of quality for more than 20 years. 

The company is authorised by the Catalan Waste Agency (E-49.92) and has ISO9001 and ISO14001certification


We are also participating in diffrent working groups:

  •   On Environmental Quality

  •   On sectorial Sustainability

  •   On Industrial Safety

  •   On Quality Services related to ships


Capacity & Technical Resources

  •         MARPOL I: 80.000 Tm/year

  •         Slops:  50.000 Tm/year

  •         MARPOL IV: 30.000 Tm/year

  •         MARPOL VI: 50.000 Tm/year 


Adicional Information: 

Barcelona Port  ( Taxes & tariffs) 

Members of Euroshore

Members of  ANAM 


MARPOL Waste Treatment line improvement Project The objective of the project was mainly to carry out the modernization works of the MARPOL waste treatment line. These works allow us to reinforce our value proposition through the recovery of strategic materials through combined treatment technologies,  offering a better service to our clients. To carry out the development of the same, we have the support of the European Union through the CDTI's direct innovation line, co-financed with ERDF funds. With this investment in addition to renewing and modernizing our MARPOL waste treatment lines in the Port of Barcelona, we renew our commitment to the Circular Economy and to recycling.

Detailed information: 

Information Request Marpol

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