Tarragona Port

Facility, located in Tarragona Port, dedicated to the industrial waste management such as hydrocarbons for use as power source and other industrial waste for use in a variety of activities.

Also treats waste from ships (MARPOL services), from which we obtain a product for subsequent use as a power source and/or energy recovery. 

Physico-chemical and biological treatment

With a long experience in physico-chemical and biological treatment means we are able to ensure and guarantee compliance with the quality standards demanded by the regulatory authorities.

Our knowledge and professionalism means that our clients can entrust the management of all their waste to us, a fact that strengthens our commitment to a high-quality service, and this is the guarantee of responsible management that we offer to all our clients.


Adicional Information: 

Tarragona Port  ( Taxes & tariffs) 

Members of  ANAM 


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