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Lab Chemical Packing Services

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Lab Chemical Packing Services - Comprehensive, Safe, Reliable - Tradebe is the name you can trust.

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Since 1986, our dedicated Lab Chemical Packing team has been helping academic institutions, development laboratories, hospitals, research centers, government installations and more manage their  obsolete, off-spec, unidentified or improperly stored chemicals with an environmentally sound, turn key service.

If your business generates Lab Chemical waste, then it is of vital importance to partner with an environmental services provider that has the experience  and chemical knowledge to manage your waste chemicals properly and safely.  

Tradebe’s experienced chemists are highly skilled in handling lab chemical waste and other hazardous materials safely, effectively and responsibly.   By partnering with Tradebe, you have the peace of mind knowing that our team has the regulatory experience and technology to manage your on site Technical Service projects, including chemical packing, lab moves, and more.  We recycle or dispose of your Lab Chemical Waste using the Best Demonstrated Available Technologies (BDAT). 

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• Identify all chemicals
• Classify, segregate, and package all chemical waste
• Prepare a detailed chemical inventory
• Package all chemicals in DOT approved containers
• Satisfy all DOT and EPA labeling requirements
• Prepare manifests and other necessary shipping documents
• Ship & Transport your packaged chemicals to one of our fully-equipped TSDF facilities for processing


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